When Alternative Dispute Resolution Makes Sense

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June 5, 2015
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June 5, 2015

When Alternative Dispute Resolution Makes Sense

1. Three’s A Crowd

Do as much as you can to control the decision-making power. The Judge, as the impartial third party, is a significant player in the decision-making process so choose carefully and wisely.

2. Mediate Effectively

Mediation can be an emotional process. Prepare to constantly reset expectations and readjust your thinking process. Work with a mediator that is determined and dedicated to the case and will mediate effectively, and is not just looking to make another dollar.

3. Use Logic In Arbitration

Tap into the inherent value of reasoning and logic. Arbitration selection should be treated the same way as jury selection.

4. Focus On The Singular

Focus on the lawyer, not your company. This will help create a more personable situation, and harder to demean the person involved in the mediation.