Tips For Structuring Your Customer Experience “Dream Team”

Four Elements On The Path Toward Excellent Customer Experience
June 5, 2015
Communicate Customer-Centric Values In Your Company
June 5, 2015

Tips For Structuring Your Customer Experience “Dream Team”

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1. Start Within Your Company

Meet the needs of all customers, both internal and external, and you will define the success of any organization. Voice of the customer (VoC) is essential in determining the structure of your teams and can be as simple as reaching out to your employees and asking for something as specific as a survey.

2. Create An Inside Sales Team

Great inside sales teams will impact the parts of your customer experience that drive both retention and new business growth. The most successful teams have been ones that enhance the capabilities of your field sales team and work in partnership to drive company expansion.

3. Build A Quality Team

Involve all departments to help create a small quality team with global responsibility that supports, facilitates, and influences business units to be successful. Partner your quality team with HR to train new hires on the impact of customer experience. Start a relationship between the quality team and business units to build an infrastructure that supports quality through the creation and delivery of behavior-based coaching, a “Best Practice” library, quality assessment forms, and analyses on the key drivers of customer experience.

4. Adopt A New Company Culture

Make believers out of skeptics: Pilot a program to prove out a concept and to drive success. If there is resistance to change, decide whether the right leaders are on board with your initiatives. Understand how the value of creating a great customer experience and its potential cost can increase overall customer satisfaction and loyalty.