March 2016 Talent Management Report

Over the past decade, the Human Resources function of U.S. corporations has evolved primarily from a staffing role to a focus on developing and retaining a strong workforce. This change has led to the emergence of the Chief Talent Officer, who is tasked with building and maintaining a corporate culture that drives retention of an employee base that is growing to include millennials, and soon Gen Z-ers. Chief Talent Officers must leverage their own staff, analytics programs, and management teams to increase engagement and retain the top asset of most organizations: their people.

Survey Structure & Methodology

Consero’s 2016 Talent Management Data Survey was developed in connection with our annual invitation-only Forum for Chief Talent Officers from large corporations. The 13-question survey addresses areas of priority and overall workforce management concerns of this group of senior-level executives. The 42 respondents provide a valuable look into the coming year for Chief Talent Officers.


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