September 2016 General Counsel Report

Today’s complex corporate world sends a variety of work to the desk of the General Counsel. Not only must GCs manage traditional internal challenges of the legal department, but they must manage relationships with stakeholders both within and outside of the company whose buy-in is necessary for success. Within the year to come, General Counsel will likely have their hands full with mergers and acquisitions, cybersecurity, and cost containment, among other issues. This report is designed to shine a light on the current and looming challenges of General Counsel, as well as provide insight to help these executives stay focused on key priorities.

Report Structure And Methodology

The survey discussed below was developed in connection with Consero’s invitation-only General Counsel Forum that took place in June 2016, and in partnership with Thomson Reuters Legal Tracker. The participants included 76 General Counsel from Fortune 1000 companies.

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