In order to see eye-to-eye, you must meet face-to-face.



Consero brings together senior executives for peer-to-peer programs that foster an environment of trust and openness.


Consero caps the number of sponsors to foster an intimate environment with ample opportunities to organically build rapport.


Consero recruits and attracts forward-thinking executive leaders focused on improving their organizations.


The Consero team is invested in every event we produce, and it shows.



Opportunities To Participate


  • Three Day Event

  • National Audience

  • Executive Decision-makers

  • Scheduled Meetings With Prospective Clients

General Sessions

Partners moderate a panel-based discussion aligned with their expertise. General sessions provide maximum exposure to all attendees, and partners use the opportunity as a platform to solidify their role as a thought leader in their space.


Small breakouts for more meaningful interactions.

Pre-Forum Roundtable

Partners can host an exclusive, one-day roundtable the day before an event kicks off. The pre-forum roundtable is an all-day event, tackling specific topics with a more intimate group of attendees, concluding with a networking function.


  • One Day Event

  • Market-specific Audience

  • Executive Decision-makers

  • Custom Thought Leadership Role


The Co-Chair serves as a thought leader of the program. He or she is featured online, on our website, and in printed materials. The co-chair gives opening and closing remarks to the entire group.


Partners moderate a panel aligned to their expertise. This gives maximum exposure to the entire audience, and partners use the opportunity as a platform to solidify their role as a leader in their space.


Participants will be divided into smaller groups for 30 minutes to discuss specific common challenges. After all topics have been discussed, moderators will share insights and key takeaways with the entire group.

Custom Roundtable & Bespoke Events

  • Audience & Content

  • Software & Mobile App

  • Graphic Design

  • Venue

  • On-Site

Audience & Content Development

  • Harness the power of the Consero network through all stages of the attendee lifecycle. From the creation of your ideal audience profile through attendee and speaker acquisition, Consero’s dedicated team is ready to help.
  • With a hands-on approach, our team identifies and engages senior-level practitioners who are ready to share their knowledge and learn among peers.
  • Using extensive research and industry contacts, Consero’s production team creates best-in-class content that's engaging, thought-provoking and relevant to your audience.

Software & Mobile App Support

  • Support your custom event with access to Consero’s proprietary registration software, ConseroLink™.
  • Engage your audience on-site and post-event using Consero’s mobile app. Jumpstart discussions using in-app chat, connect with fellow attendees via the app directory and stay up to date with push notifications. All from your Android or IOS compatible device.

Graphic Design & Collateral Creation

Custom events include access to Consero’s in-house graphic design team. From event logo development to the design and layout of on-site collateral, our graphics team is ready to position your group as an industry leader.

Venue Selection & Management

Consero’s event planners are equipped to find the ideal venue for your next event. With a proven track record, our planning team does the heavy lifting by sourcing, negotiating and managing your venue, food & beverage, and audio visual needs.

On-Site Facilitation

Consero’s custom programs include two dedicated on-site Consero event planners. Our team members coordinate registration, manage vendors, and liaise with on-site banquet staff. This allows you to focus on what matters most—building new relationships.

Long-Standing Clients Include

Why Our Partners Come Back

  • Rick Heller | Legal Sea Foods, LLC
    “Outstanding and informative, especially learning from networking.”
    Rick Heller | Legal Sea Foods, LLC
  • Allyn McGinley | Morpho Detection
    “Very collaborative and focused on current topics of interest.”
    Allyn McGinley | Morpho Detection
  • Cindy Becker | Concerto Healthcare, Inc.
    “Highly recommend this forum to others. Unique delivery—preferable to traditional CLE conferences. Very helpful staff!”
    Cindy Becker | Concerto Healthcare, Inc.
  • Jim Edwards | Cubic Corporation
    “It is a focused approach to current issues I deal with at my company.”
    Jim Edwards | Cubic Corporation
  • Anna Alvarado | First Cash Financial Services
    “Best practical forum for a GC. Make time for it; you won’t regret it!”
    Anna Alvarado | First Cash Financial Services
  • Sean Gaffney | Encompass Home Health & Hospice
    “Very solid content and discussion; excellent panelists and networking.”
    Sean Gaffney | Encompass Home Health & Hospice
  • Debbie Swartz | Access Group
    “A top-notch networking conference for busy general counsels to share best practices.”
    Debbie Swartz | Access Group
  • Jim Ballard | Landcare
    “The forum is a fantastic and fun way to network and keep current on relevant topics in the GC arena.”
    Jim Ballard | Landcare
  • Nasym Afsari | Montrose Environmental Group, Inc.
    “Collaborative environment with great information sharing by a variety of GCs from different industries, backgrounds and companies.”
    Nasym Afsari | Montrose Environmental Group, Inc.
  • David Hitchens | JLL
    “Hearing directly from in-house colleagues was great!”
    David Hitchens | JLL
  • Angie Frye | Verizon
    “I liked the variety of in-house counsel who attended. There was a great mix of large, medium, and small companies.”
    Angie Frye | Verizon
  • Brian Monks | UL LCC
    “Liked the format. Conversation and not Powerpoint. People were engaged and productive.”
    Brian Monks | UL LCC
  • Michelle Appelqvist | SanDisk
    “Format allowed the group to move the discussion. Topics to best suit their interests and expectations.”
    Michelle Appelqvist | SanDisk
  • Corrina Sinatro | AMD
    “Appreciated the informal exchange of information and dialogue quality of members and learning.”
    Corrina Sinatro | AMD
  • Peter L. | Black and Veatch
    “Very well organized and run with interesting, well-presented topics.”
    Peter L. | Black and Veatch
  • Risty Smith | Greystone Healthcare Management
    “Excellent opportunity to learn and share with peers.”
    Risty Smith | Greystone Healthcare Management
  • “This is the first opportunity to be with a group of professionals all at the same/similar professional level as myself. Extraordinarily valuable.”
  • Shane Krugler | Ohio National Financial Services
    “Fantastic. Loved the Saturday roundtable. A lot of value in the smaller environment. Allows for more candid discussions.”
    Shane Krugler | Ohio National Financial Services
  • Scott Nardi | Everbank
    “Lived up to its billing – this is one of the best conference experiences I’ve had.”
    Scott Nardi | Everbank
  • John Price | CEVA Logistics
    “Well run, good dynamic. The forum allows professionals with similar interests and issues to share their experiences and expertise in a relaxed format.”
    John Price | CEVA Logistics
  • Al Cave | Northern Trust
    “An excellent opportunity to think, learn and engage about/with people and concepts within and outside of my industry!”
    Al Cave | Northern Trust
  • Pam Saucier | Chapters Health System
    “Very thought provoking. Love the format – will struggle with the traditional conference format from now on.”
    Pam Saucier | Chapters Health System
  • Robert Azar | Norton Healthcare
    “Excellent collegial environment to learn and network with your colleagues. Shared experiences and candid discussions among peers are invaluable and extremely beneficial.”
    Robert Azar | Norton Healthcare
  • Charles Key | Lifeline Corp
    “Top notch! Well done!”
    Charles Key | Lifeline Corp
  • Jim Hetzel | Hackensack University Medical Center
    “The attendance by senior legal department executives and the opportunity to network and discuss issues common to all healthcare organizations was invaluable.”
    Jim Hetzel | Hackensack University Medical Center
  • Gary Miller | Wellmont
    “Very well organized, informative with valuable networking opportunities.”
    Gary Miller | Wellmont
  • Jeffrey Tuck | Summit Medical Group
    “A new concept in conference planning and delivery that focuses on the needs of attendees and recognizes the value of attendees.”
    Jeffrey Tuck | Summit Medical Group
  • Rob G. | Summa Health
    “Great environment for having both formal and informal learning opportunities with peers.”
    Rob G. | Summa Health
  • T. Stone | Lonestar Circle of Care
    “A great platform to allow similarly situated professionals to discuss exactly what they want to know of their peers.”
    T. Stone | Lonestar Circle of Care
  • Bernd Hutter | MaphoSys AG
    “A terrific forum to discuss IP matter in an intimate atmosphere.”
    Bernd Hutter | MaphoSys AG
  • Christoph Rehfuess | MagForce AG
    “I very much enjoyed the interactive set-up and the insights from key people in the field.”
    Christoph Rehfuess | MagForce AG
  • Prashant K. Bhauar | Rhizen Pharmaceuticals
    “Amazing mix of representation and topics! Loved every bit of the two days.”
    Prashant K. Bhauar | Rhizen Pharmaceuticals
  • Marty W. | AM-Pharma
    “Great opportunity to connect with interesting people in an inspiring environment.”
    Marty W. | AM-Pharma
  • Carmen Fanego | Total Bank
    “The Forum was an excellent arena to connect with leaders in the industry and gain insight into emerging practices.”
    Carmen Fanego | Total Bank
  • Alison LaBoissonere Boyd | Anova Marine Insurance
    “Streamlined, focused and valuable content.”
    Alison LaBoissonere Boyd | Anova Marine Insurance
  • Chris Eng | Summit Hotel Properties
    “An excellent compilation of talent and topics thoughtfully put together.”
    Chris Eng | Summit Hotel Properties
  • Shaun Ertischek | TRAKAmerica
    “High-end, informative, and educational.”
    Shaun Ertischek | TRAKAmerica
  • William Solomon | Ally Financial
    “Top-notch, fully engaged attorneys with a common interest and attitude to learn and succeed.”
    William Solomon | Ally Financial
  • Susan Kim | Assurant
    “The Forum was very well put together. Great networking event with excellent speakers.”
    Susan Kim | Assurant
  • Ron Whitworth | EverBank
    “I remain incredibly impressed with your tremendous professionalism, organization, and creativity. Both forums I have attended have been impeccably organized and very useful!”
    Ron Whitworth | EverBank
  • Sara Sweeney | FM Global
    “This forum was a pleasure to attend – excellent selection and topics that were unique and engaging.”
    Sara Sweeney | FM Global
  • Michael Baker | Qorvo
    “Consero consistently provides high-quality, relevant IP management forums.”
    Michael Baker | Qorvo
  • Jeff Duncan | Elevance Renewable Sciences, Inc.
    “Nicely done. Good job of facilitating peer-to-peer discussions.”
    Jeff Duncan | Elevance Renewable Sciences, Inc.
  • Mike Garrabrants | Lattice Semi
    “Well organized, effective, and quality event.”
    Mike Garrabrants | Lattice Semi
  • Dan Kelly | Vista Outdoor
    “This forum is fast-paced and content-rich; it is what all CLE conferences should be like.”
    Dan Kelly | Vista Outdoor
  • Diane Ferguson | VCE Company, LLC
    “The forum provides an atmosphere that encourages an exchange of ideas and best practices that mimics the interactions between colleagues at a common employer. One of the best networking opportunities for patent attorneys that I have attended.”
    Diane Ferguson | VCE Company, LLC
  • Barbara McClung | Caribou Biosciences, Inc
    “Fabulous – I always learn something and meet great people.”
    Barbara McClung | Caribou Biosciences, Inc


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