Only Ten Percent of Contact Center Executives Report Social Media and Online Chat Are Primary Channels for Customer Feedback, Consero Survey Reveals

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January 4, 2016
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Only Ten Percent of Contact Center Executives Report Social Media and Online Chat Are Primary Channels for Customer Feedback, Consero Survey Reveals

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 8.54.09 AMBETHESDA, MD – (Jan. 4, 2016) – Just 10 percent of contact center executives say that either social media or online chat serve as the primary channels for receiving customer feedback, according to a new survey by Consero Group, an international leader in creating high-level, invitation-only events for senior executives. The results were reported as part of the December 2015 Contact Center Data Survey, compiled by Consero Group.

The highest proportion of contact center executives named phone as the primary channel by which they receive customer feedback at 37 percent, with e-mail coming in second at 22 percent. Online surveys came in third at 16 percent.

Contact center executives also reported that phone and email are the top channels integrated into their operations, with 27 percent saying phone is integrated into their operations and 24 saying so for email.

“While phone and email remain the top channels for receiving feedback, customers increasingly expect interaction to take place on multiple channels, including social media and online chat,” said Paul Mandell, Founder & CEO of Consero. “In an era of tight budgets, contact center leaders may wish to focus more resources on optimizing customer feedback through these means.”

Additional Findings Included:

  • Tech Infrastructure a Major Impediment: Forty-eight percent of contact center executives named technology/infrastructure as the greatest impediment to their department’s growth in 2016.
  • Call Center Reps Insufficiently Engaged: Only 35 percent of survey respondents believed that their call center representatives were sufficiently engaged in their customer experience strategy.
  • Resource Access Is Insufficient: Over two-thirds (68%) of executives reported they did not have sufficient access to resources necessary to manage their contact center operations effectively.

Consero surveyed contact center executives from Fortune 1000 companies in connection with its November 2015 Contact Center Forum. The survey’s 15 questions gauged opinions and perspectives of leaders in the industry. Though limited to 43 participants, the results point to interesting topics for discussion and trends in 2016.

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