June 2017 Customer Experience Report

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May 8, 2017
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May 17, 2017

June 2017 Customer Experience Report

Today’s brands must provide their customers with a tailored experience to help set themselves apart from competition and gain brand loyalty. The increased complexity of digital media requires that customer experience executives stay on top of industry trends that impact the way customers interact with their brands. CX executives must also balance cost and service concerns, maintain organizational alignment around their CX strategy, and measure the impact of their function on the financial performance of the organization. Today’s challenging landscape requires that CX executives take a more integrated approach to managing their function in order to deliver a seamless customer experience and support the bottom line.



Survey Methodology

Consero’s 2017 Customer Experience Report was developed in connection with its annual Customer Experience Forum, which took place in March 2017. The survey was deployed in person and online over the course of a month, resulting in a total of 51 responses from senior-level customer experience executives. The respondents are heads of their respective departments, holding decision-making authority over CX strategy and execution for their companies, with 31% belonging to the B2B sector and 69% representing the B2C industry. The results below provide a brief glimpse into the issues and opportunities facing the corporate CX function today.

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