August 2013 IP Management Report

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August 5, 2013
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August 7, 2013

August 2013 IP Management Report

Corporations around the globe are increasingly focused on leveraging intellectual property to fuel business growth. The Chief IP Counsel is responsible for managing a company’s IP portfolio, which includes a variety of functions—from overseeing the budget and navigating a dynamic legal and regulatory environment to developing a sufficiently skilled team to protect and make use of the company’s assets. This role also requires managing the defense of IP, which is no easy task in either emerging or fully developed markets. Given the stakes involved in the use and defense of IP, today’s Chief IP Counsel have their hands full.

Survey Structure And Methodology

Consero’s 2013 IP Management Report comprised a total of 11 questions in the following areas:

  • Current & Future IP Challenges
  • Effectiveness of Government Regulations
  • Internal Affairs & Corporate Strategy

The questions were posed to Fortune 1000 Chief IP Counsel in connection with Consero’s invitation-only Chief IP Counsel Forum in June 2013. A total of 47 responses were provided, yielding data that appears with brief analysis on the pages that follow.

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