December 2013 IP Forum For Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Medical Devices Report

In today’s fiercely competitive markets, the use and protection of intellectual property could well be difference between success and failure for a corporate entity—particularly in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries. Now, more than ever, Chief Intellectual Property Counsel are expected to turn innovation into profit by implementing the right market protection strategies and staying on top of major shifts in patent law.

Survey Structure And Methodology

Consero’s 2013 Survey Report For Chief IP Officers In The Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology And Medical Device Industries included a total of 10 questions in the following areas:

  • America Invents Act
  • Research And Development
  • Partnerships And Outside Counsel
  • Function And Assessment

The questions were posed to Fortune 1000 Chief IP Officers in the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, and Medical Device Industries in connection with Consero’s December 2013 IP Forum For Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Medical Devices, which took place in Newport Beach, CA. A total of 49 responses were provided, yielding data that appears with brief analysis on the pages that follow.

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