Improve Your Customer’s Experience (And Relationship) With Your Company

Communicate Customer-Centric Values In Your Company
June 5, 2015
How To Maintain And Deliver Consistently Great Customer Service
June 5, 2015

Improve Your Customer’s Experience (And Relationship) With Your Company

1. Interview Your Customer

Prevent conflict and miscommunication between your call center agents and QA by making your QA the outbound survey team. Shift your call center management’s mindset by having the team focus on friction at every touch point. Have agents simulate the process and use supervisors trained to play the role of the customer.

2. Focus On The First Call

Stop measuring talk times and average handle times; identify and answer issues instead. Many companies have seen significant, measurable results when they realize that a decrease in call volume without a decrease in sales is money saved. Agent accuracy in the initial handling of an issue will result in fewer call-backs, higher service levels, increased customer loyalty, and a smaller call center.

3. Value Your Reputation

Ratings matter to your customers and you need to gain their trust before they do any business with your company. Acknowledge customer feedback to strengthen your company’s reputation in the market by reviewing every letter and conducting root-cause analysis. To prevent the problem from recurring, survey your customers before they complain.

4. Share Best Practices

Leverage compliments by training everyone in practices that lead to unsolicited compliments. Celebrate major milestones to cement your company’s customer service philosophy further.