How To Maintain And Deliver Consistently Great Customer Service

Improve Your Customer’s Experience (And Relationship) With Your Company
June 5, 2015
June 2015 Corporate Compliance & Ethics Report
June 10, 2015

How To Maintain And Deliver Consistently Great Customer Service

1. Leverage VOE

Use your company’s Voice of the Employee to help validate the data gathered from customer satisfaction surveys. Employ your qualitative data to validate your organization’s quantitative data. Frontline managers and employees are great resources for getting more information and background on why certain processes are or are not working.

2. Understand The Role Of The NPS

Tie your company’s NPS into its overall value of a product or service, rather than the price of the product or service. Take advantage of NPS to validate what your organization is producing internally to justify the budget for your department.

3. Involve Your Team

Creating a singular, effective customer experience across all channels requires an interdisciplinary approach within your company. Cross-functionality is integral to a successful customer experience; integrate your team with all other departments, including marketing, advertising, and any other team that is customer-facing. Always use the customer experience function to break down traditional internal barriers within the company and get business units talking to each other.