January 2016 Global Corporate Compliance & Ethics Report

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January 28, 2016
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January 2016 Global Corporate Compliance & Ethics Report

Chief Compliance Officers face a variety of complex challenges. Among these are increasing data privacy issues, changing foreign regulatory requirements, and the logistical hurdles of global compliance training. While compliance officers’ influence on decision-making and strategy has grown over time, there remains a great deal of opportunity for more efficiency and impact. By working across the C-suite and leveraging their teams and different tools, today’s Chief Compliance Officer can ensure that the organization navigates a tough compliance environment effectively.

Report Structure And Methodology

Consero’s Corporate Compliance and Ethics Report was conducted in connection with its invitation-only North American and European 2015 Fall Forums for Chief Compliance Officers. Produced in collaboration with The Red Flag Group, the report consisted of 17 questions, covering issues such as compliance operations, technology infrastructure, and risk management, among others. There were 76 respondents from Fortune 1000 companies, providing valuable insight into the current and looming opportunities and challenges of Chief Compliance Officers.

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