Four Tips To Protect Your Company’s IP On A Budget

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July 13, 2015
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July 13, 2015

Four Tips To Protect Your Company’s IP On A Budget

1. Collaborate And Listen

Work closely with business unit leaders to gain an understanding of their priorities and to put together a complementary IP strategy.

2. Set The Budget

Consider working with business leaders, as well as with finance, to set the budget. Make sure to communicate clearly to the entire business the impact of proposed budget cuts to IP.

3. Fine-Tune Your Portfolio

Focus on keeping IP in markets where patents are more useful to your business. Shrink your portfolio in geography and not in technological scope.

4. Acknowledge China’s Evolving Role

China’s establishment of specialized IP courts signals a focus on mitigating IP threats in this major Asian market. Take advantage of this trend and continue to build your brand’s reputation in the region.

“Neglect filing in China at your own risk.” – Matt Goodwin