Forbes: Upcoming Conference to Focus on News Corp. Hacking Scandal

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Forbes: Upcoming Conference to Focus on News Corp. Hacking Scandal

Originally Published in Forbes | December 20, 2011

Could the rash of sordid revelations that forced Rupert Murdoch to close the News of the World turn out to be a teaching moment for other executives? Top lawyers for dozens of companies will discuss and digest the lessons of the crisis when they gather in London in March for the European Corporate Counsel Forum, an event hosted by the Maryland-based Consero Group.

Consero CEO Paul Mandell says he selected the theme after numerous conversations with general counsels at three other conferences his company held this year around the U.S. “Over the last three to four months or so it was clear the News Corp. issue raised a variety of topics that GCs need to be thinking about, so we tailored the theme of this event around it,” he says.

The fact that the event is taking place in London helped make it a “good fit,” he adds.

Mandell expects between 50 and 100 general counsels to attend the invitation-only forum. Will any News Corp. officials be among them? “Our program development team has been in touch with them and we’re hopeful we’ll be able to work them into the program,” he says.

Here’s some description of the forum from the Consero website:

“Amid the biggest legal crisis to rock the corporate world, News Corp serves as a valuable lesson for all companies on such critical issues as director independence, reputational preservation, and responsible corporate officer liability, among others. News Corp demonstrates the importance of the role of the General Counsel in ensuring strong corporate governance and sound business practices from the top down, and when necessary, guiding the company through times of crisis.