Fall 2014 Procurement & Strategic Sourcing Data Survey

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September 23, 2014
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Fall 2014 Procurement & Strategic Sourcing Data Survey

The evolving role of the Chief Procurement Officer is more integral than ever to corporate success. Sizable spend under management places enterprise sourcing and procurement executives in a strong position to help fuel growth. However, greater demands for cost reductions and sustainable sourcing pose a formidable challenge to the procurement function. As we head toward 2015, Chief Procurement Officers will need to maximize current resources to have the greatest impact on the bottom line.

Report Structure And Methodology

This report was created in connection with an invitation-only event hosted by Consero Group in July 2014 for Fortune 1000 Chief Procurement Officers. While the survey was limited to 49 participants, the findings offer useful benchmarking data, as well as valuable insight into the pursuits and concerns of this group of senior executives.

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