Customer Experience Virtual Forum

Chief Information Security Officer Virtual Roundtable
March 16, 2020
Corporate Compliance & Ethics Virtual Forum
March 23, 2020

March 23–24, 2021 | 12:45 PM–4:30 PM ET

Join like-minded Heads of Customer Experience for inspiration and insight, networking and learning, and proven strategies to improve your business practices.

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Faculty Members Include

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Topics For Discussion

  • Cultivating Your CX Culture Through Crisis and Into Recovery
  • Justifying Costs and Identifying the Success of Your CX Investments
  • SaaS, CRM, and Beyond: How is Technology Driving Your CX?
  • Remote But Not Removed: Maintaining CX From the Home
  • Re-Imagining the Personalized Customer Experience: Journey Mapping Through a Pandemic
  • Eye on the Horizon: The Changing Nature of Customer Experience

Consero’s Virtual Forums facilitate uniquely meaningful conversation and connections among the world’s most senior corporate leaders.


Event Participants Engage In:

  • Interactive panel sessions,
  • Breakout discussions on more targeted topics, and
  • One-on-one business meetings.

The End Result Is A Highly Efficient Opportunity To:

  • Share best practices,
  • Benchmark with other companies, and
  • Identify specific tools and strategies to materially improve corporate performance.

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Attendees Rave About Consero

  • Billy Friess
    "We have been working with Progress Coaching for the past 15 years and have been absolutely thrilled with the relationship. Since the implementation of the Progress Coaching Training System, we have experienced incredible growth and talent development as well as retention. Tim is the foremost expert in workplace coaching. His teachings have catapulted us to being in the top 8 in attendance and top 3 in fan index. Without coaching we would not have achieved those results."
    Billy Friess
    Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Team
  • Phil Ziegler
    "When my brother bought Inpro in 1993 we were the doormat of the industry. Several years later we took the major step of hiring Tim as our coach. He brought us to an entirely new level and, in 2018, we completed our 25th consecutive year of growth. Tim was our coach for over a decade and, is so good at what he does, we realized the importance of ongoing, daily coaching so we now have our coach on staff. Tim personally trained our coach leaving him more time to develop other company’s leadership teams.”
    Phil Ziegler
    Inpro Corporation
  • Barry Rogers
    "Tim is an incredibly talented and natural coach. In terms of pedigree Tim is a successful businessperson who also happens to be a great coach. The Progress Coaching system is easily implemented and is now just a part of our leaders’ day to day role. I am grateful to work with Tim as a part of my leadership development career and highly recommend his services to anyone who is looking to transform their leader’s ability to coach."
    Barry Rogers
  • Calvin Siemer
    "Informative, thought-provoking, collegial, inviting, and well run and organized."
    Calvin Siemer
    Las Vegas Sands Corp.
  • Drew Yoder
    "This is the best CLE event available for in-house litigation managers, bringing together sophisticated in-house people, cutting-edge vendors, and skilled outside counsel."
    Drew Yoder
    CITGO Petroleum Corporation
  • Elizabeth Atlee
    "Good opportunity to level set my company's practices and methods based on other companies; with a healthy side of networking."
    Elizabeth Atlee
    CBRE, Inc.
  • Catherine Spicer
    "The substantive content and speakers at this event were the most interesting and helpful I've encountered."
    Catherine Spicer
    Tailored Brands
  • Kate Willmunder
    "Fantastic opportunity to meet other in-house counsel and discuss solutions to the same challenges we all face, in a safe environment."
    Kate Willmunder
    Apria Healthcare
  • Jose Motta
    "Enriching! Time well spent among senior practitioners."
    Jose Motta
    Dean Foods Company
  • Andrew Williams
    "Excellent event. Good to connect with & learn from industry colleagues."
    Andrew Williams
    Transamerica Life Insurance Company
  • Joanne Chormanski
    "Intimate, small group setting of leaders in their field makes the conference useful and informative. Good use of time away from the office."
    Joanne Chormanski
    HSBC North America
  • Gajendra Chandel
    "Excellent, well managed, great learning & networking."
    Gajendra Chandel
    Tata Motors
  • Laura Sue D’Annunzio
    "A great opportunity to connect, learn & share."
    Laura Sue D’Annunzio
  • Kirit Rosario
    "Perfect one-day event to refresh your thinking. Recommended every 6 months to any Procurement Leader"
    Kirit Rosario
    True Value Company
  • Mike Ozmeral
    "Very collaborative and discussion oriented. It's great not to sit through PowerPoints!"
    Mike Ozmeral
    Reyes Holdings
  • John Becvar
    "Great variety of topics in an intimate setting of Chief Procurement Officers"
    John Becvar
  • Steven Grover
    "This is an informative and great opportunity for networking with Senior Purchasing Executives"
    Steven Grover
  • Franklin Fisher
    "The was my first Consero event and I found it to be very valuable and relevant to my current needs"
    Franklin Fisher
    Milliker & Co.
  • Jason Shumrak
    "Well worth the time and investment!"
    Jason Shumrak
  • Jami Segota
    "Very interesting topics & great opportunity to learn, share and feel like being part of a community."
    Jami Segota
    Ricoh USA, Inc.
  • David Watson
    "This forum brought together a group of CLOs that face many similar challenges and issues, and the panel discussions provided much helpful information and varied perspectives."
    David Watson
    Reynolds Consumer Products
  • Andrea Newborn
    "Consero put together a great group of GCs, and between the panel format and opportunities for networking, we had the chance to meet many of them, while also getting introduced to vendors with products we are actually interested in."
    Andrea Newborn
    ABM Industries
  • Shaun Frederick
    "Excellent event with very knowledgeable professionals."
    Shaun Frederick
    S&P Global
  • Ross Thompson
    "A great opportunity to learn about available resources and their limitations, challenges, etc. from those who have 'been there, done that."
    Ross Thompson
    Samsung Austin Semiconductor
  • Perry Sekus
    "Well organized with helpful content."
    Perry Sekus
  • MaryBeth Blair
    "This event was critical to helping me evaluate where we are in our operations model."
    MaryBeth Blair
    Panera Bread
  • Katia Grow
    "Very organized, insightful with a wealth of best practices exchange."
    Katia Grow
    Carestream Dental
  •  Julie Sullivan
    "Valuable and current event... I'm leaving with defined and specific action items to make improvements in our processes and procedures."
    Julie Sullivan
    Rimini Street
  • Jessica Starbuck
    "Very well organized with good content and a fantastic group of people!"
    Jessica Starbuck
    TMX Finance Family of Companies
  • Heather Bardeleben
    "A meeting of professionals for knowledge sharing and networking."
    Heather Bardeleben
    Adtalem Global Education
  • Gant Sowinski
    "Very insightful and valuable use of my time."
    Gant Sowinski
  • Cynthia Allen-Whyte
    "This was a very unique forum... The smaller setting and no-pressure vendor meetings were very useful."
    Cynthia Allen-Whyte
    Huntington Ingalls Industries
  • Ryan Black
    "The Consero Legal Ops Forum delivered the inspiration I needed to return to work and tackle some difficult projects, and I'm doing so armed with new information and a stronger network!"
    Ryan Black
  • Bart Mooney
    "The Consero Corporate Legal Operations Forum is a top-notch event providing opportunities for networking, benchmarking and learning how other legal operations leaders are addressing priorities and challenges."
    Bart Mooney
    Ingram Micro Inc.
  • Chuck Melick
    "A great overview of critical issues facing the L&D industry led by top notch professionals and vendors."
    Chuck Melick
    Spring Mobile
  • Jennifer Barnes
    "Finally, a professional development event that doesn't make me want to swipe left!"
    Jennifer Barnes
    American Heart Association
  • Nina Hollon
    "Focused, engaging, professional, worthwhile, a lot of takeaways and follow up ideas."
    Nina Hollon
    Morgan Stanley
  • Kristin Broadhead
    "Excellent event to get the pulse on corporate L&D around the U.S. through insightful conversations."
    Kristin Broadhead
  • Scott Gibson
    "It was really well run with a smaller more intimate environment, unlike the big conferences, while speaking about relevant topics in a panel format."
    Scott Gibson
  • Scott Wilkinson
    "An informative CLE led by experienced professional panelists supported by an active audience."
    Scott Wilkinson
    Atlanta Hawks
  • Jessica Bicknell
    "A Consero event provides an efficient approach to best practice sharing and productive networking among your peers."
    Jessica Bicknell
    Southern Glazer's Wine & Spirits
  • Eric Gelwicks
    Very informative and valuable for making new connections in the IP Enforcement space.
    Eric Gelwicks
    Live Nation Merchandise, Inc.
  • Chris Gibbins
    Consero is one of my favorite conferences to attend. The epitome of an intimate gathering of Brand Protection leaders from all fields, joining together to share best practices (without the hard sales pitch pressure from vendor sponsors).
    Chris Gibbins
    Speck Products
  • Ben ​Congleton
    Every time I attend a Consero conference, I walk away with great conversation and new friends. It's one of the few conferences I go to for business and pleasure.
    Ben ​Congleton
  • John Jabara
    Being a part of a community where peers are working with their peers and going through the same challenges is extremely valuable. The largest payoff for me and my company were the discussions and dialog that continued even after the event was over.
    John Jabara
    Savenia Labs
  • Barbara McClung | Caribou Biosciences, Inc
    “Fabulous – I always learn something and meet great people.”
    Barbara McClung | Caribou Biosciences, Inc
  • Diane Ferguson | VCE Company, LLC
    “The forum provides an atmosphere that encourages an exchange of ideas and best practices that mimics the interactions between colleagues at a common employer. One of the best networking opportunities for patent attorneys that I have attended.”
    Diane Ferguson | VCE Company, LLC
  • Dan Kelly | Vista Outdoor
    “This forum is fast-paced and content-rich; it is what all CLE conferences should be like.”
    Dan Kelly | Vista Outdoor
  • Mike Garrabrants | Lattice Semi
    “Well organized, effective, and quality event.”
    Mike Garrabrants | Lattice Semi
  • Jeff Duncan | Elevance Renewable Sciences, Inc.
    “Nicely done. Good job of facilitating peer-to-peer discussions.”
    Jeff Duncan | Elevance Renewable Sciences, Inc.
  • Michael Baker | Qorvo
    “Consero consistently provides high-quality, relevant IP management forums.”
    Michael Baker | Qorvo
  • Sara Sweeney | FM Global
    “This forum was a pleasure to attend – excellent selection and topics that were unique and engaging.”
    Sara Sweeney | FM Global
  • Ron Whitworth | EverBank
    “I remain incredibly impressed with your tremendous professionalism, organization, and creativity. Both forums I have attended have been impeccably organized and very useful!”
    Ron Whitworth | EverBank
  • Susan Kim | Assurant
    “The Forum was very well put together. Great networking event with excellent speakers.”
    Susan Kim | Assurant
  • William Solomon | Ally Financial
    “Top-notch, fully engaged attorneys with a common interest and attitude to learn and succeed.”
    William Solomon | Ally Financial
  • Shaun Ertischek | TRAKAmerica
    “High-end, informative, and educational.”
    Shaun Ertischek | TRAKAmerica
  • Chris Eng | Summit Hotel Properties
    “An excellent compilation of talent and topics thoughtfully put together.”
    Chris Eng | Summit Hotel Properties
  • Alison LaBoissonere Boyd | Anova Marine Insurance
    “Streamlined, focused and valuable content.”
    Alison LaBoissonere Boyd | Anova Marine Insurance
  • Anabel I. Nemrow | Bank United
    “Excellent way to network, stay up-to-date with new developments and share information!”
    Anabel I. Nemrow | Bank United
  • Carmen Fanego | Total Bank
    “The Forum was an excellent arena to connect with leaders in the industry and gain insight into emerging practices.”
    Carmen Fanego | Total Bank
  • Horace O. Porrás | American Tower Corporation
    “Very good sense of participants and panelists, as well as key topics covered. Good investment of time.”
    Horace O. Porrás | American Tower Corporation
  • Randall Lapp | Metals USA
    “Informative, current thought leadership. Honest, effective, efficient. Outstanding!”
    Randall Lapp | Metals USA
  • Khaled Bagul | Sizzler USA
    “Great forum, great information, great people. I think the format is outstanding. Thanks!”
    Khaled Bagul | Sizzler USA
  • Al Gibson | First Source
    “My mantra is ‘The right tool for the right people at the right time.’ This conference hit the mark on all those areas.”
    Al Gibson | First Source
  • Diana Lee | Sesame Workshop
    “Great blend of shared learnings, some new info and good company.”
    Diana Lee | Sesame Workshop
  • Rebecca Jones | European Wax Center
    “An incredible networking event that connects talented thought leaders with other professionals to share ideas and promote innovation/change.”
    Rebecca Jones | European Wax Center
  • Cesar Salas | Hamburg SUD
    “Interactive, engaging – great opportunity to learn from peers!”
    Cesar Salas | Hamburg SUD
  • Mike Farmer | BMC
    “Focused and engaging learning opportunity. The networking continues to be one of the biggest benefits of this type of program.”
    Mike Farmer | BMC
  • Anita Noe | Lionsgate
    “Intimate, high-level conversations.”
    Anita Noe | Lionsgate
  • Marty W. | AM-Pharma
    “Great opportunity to connect with interesting people in an inspiring environment.”
    Marty W. | AM-Pharma
  • Prashant K. Bhauar | Rhizen Pharmaceuticals
    “Amazing mix of representation and topics! Loved every bit of the two days.”
    Prashant K. Bhauar | Rhizen Pharmaceuticals
  • Christoph Rehfuess | MagForce AG
    “I very much enjoyed the interactive set-up and the insights from key people in the field.”
    Christoph Rehfuess | MagForce AG
  • Bernd Hutter | MaphoSys AG
    “A terrific forum to discuss IP matter in an intimate atmosphere.”
    Bernd Hutter | MaphoSys AG
  • T. Stone | Lonestar Circle of Care
    “A great platform to allow similarly situated professionals to discuss exactly what they want to know of their peers.”
    T. Stone | Lonestar Circle of Care
  • Rob G. | Summa Health
    “Great environment for having both formal and informal learning opportunities with peers.”
    Rob G. | Summa Health
  • Jeffrey Tuck | Summit Medical Group
    “A new concept in conference planning and delivery that focuses on the needs of attendees and recognizes the value of attendees.”
    Jeffrey Tuck | Summit Medical Group
  • Gary Miller | Wellmont
    “Very well organized, informative with valuable networking opportunities.”
    Gary Miller | Wellmont
  • Jim Hetzel | Hackensack University Medical Center
    “The attendance by senior legal department executives and the opportunity to network and discuss issues common to all healthcare organizations was invaluable.”
    Jim Hetzel | Hackensack University Medical Center
  • Charles Key | Lifeline Corp
    “Top notch! Well done!”
    Charles Key | Lifeline Corp
  • Robert Azar | Norton Healthcare
    “Excellent collegial environment to learn and network with your colleagues. Shared experiences and candid discussions among peers are invaluable and extremely beneficial.”
    Robert Azar | Norton Healthcare
  • Heidi Char | Pet Supplies Plus
    “The forum is interactive and engaging with many opportunities to network with peers.”
    Heidi Char | Pet Supplies Plus
  • Jim Viola | Party City
    “Good opportunity to talk with and listen to peers on topics that are very relevant.”
    Jim Viola | Party City
  • Kim Collins | IPG Mediabrands
    “The small, select participation list provides a perfect environment to network, learn how others deal with similar issues, and build relationships for future peer-to-peer support/guidance.”
    Kim Collins | IPG Mediabrands
  • Laurie Miller | Alliance HealthCare Services
    “The CHRO Forum is a great opportunity to network with and learn HR practices from like-minded individuals.”
    Laurie Miller | Alliance HealthCare Services
  • Julie Fletcher | AMN Healthcare
    “Worth the time commitment to hear best practices from CHRO’s in various industries. Intimate setting to build CHRO network and to meet and assess vendor partners.”
    Julie Fletcher | AMN Healthcare
  • Nancy LaMons | Sprouts Farmers Market
    “Very productive. Great, relevant topics.”
    Nancy LaMons | Sprouts Farmers Market
  • Irene Ferro | Simply Healthcare Plans
    “Very good experience and would strongly recommend for new and experienced leaders.”
    Irene Ferro | Simply Healthcare Plans
  • Jonathan Chalker | Purchasing Power LLC
    “The Consero Forum is an engaging, edifying experience in an intimate setting.”
    Jonathan Chalker | Purchasing Power LLC
  • Clint Olsen | Stryker
    “Great week, tremendous networking and learning opportunities and a great amount of knowledge!”
    Clint Olsen | Stryker
  • Bill Shepherd | Gru
    “Very interactive and good peer discussion.”
    Bill Shepherd | Gru
  • Berto Fernandez | Road America
    “This is so far the best I have attended. Small with high level of experience and talent.”
    Berto Fernandez | Road America
  • Bill Leinweber | School Specialty
    “Intimate enough to be able to meet the majority of attendees but large enough to include diverse content, careers, and experiences.”
    Bill Leinweber | School Specialty
  • Anthony Gwirtz | CSAA IG
    “A great use of my time, and very informative. I’m always able to take-away 3-4 things I can use immediately.”
    Anthony Gwirtz | CSAA IG
  • Tavares Taylor | The Hartford
    “Very informative. Enjoyed the knowledge sharing.”
    Tavares Taylor | The Hartford
  • Kelly Coston | NTTA
    “Other conferences are like a high school dance. This is more of an intimate walk on the beach.”
    Kelly Coston | NTTA
  • Pam Saucier | Chapters Health System
    “Very thought provoking. Love the format – will struggle with the traditional conference format from now on.”
    Pam Saucier | Chapters Health System
  • Al Cave | Northern Trust
    “An excellent opportunity to think, learn and engage about/with people and concepts within and outside of my industry!”
    Al Cave | Northern Trust
  • John Price | CEVA Logistics
    “Well run, good dynamic. The forum allows professionals with similar interests and issues to share their experiences and expertise in a relaxed format.”
    John Price | CEVA Logistics
  • Scott Nardi | Everbank
    “Lived up to its billing – this is one of the best conference experiences I’ve had.”
    Scott Nardi | Everbank
  • Shane Krugler | Ohio National Financial Services
    “Fantastic. Loved the Saturday roundtable. A lot of value in the smaller environment. Allows for more candid discussions.”
    Shane Krugler | Ohio National Financial Services
  • “This is the first opportunity to be with a group of professionals all at the same/similar professional level as myself. Extraordinarily valuable.”
  • Risty Smith | Greystone Healthcare Management
    “Excellent opportunity to learn and share with peers.”
    Risty Smith | Greystone Healthcare Management
  • Peter L. | Black and Veatch
    “Very well organized and run with interesting, well-presented topics.”
    Peter L. | Black and Veatch
  • Ken Corby | Nielsen Bainbridge
    “Engage with success has meaning, relevance and ability to occur at this intimate setting of accomplished invited attendees.”
    Ken Corby | Nielsen Bainbridge
  • Monica Williams |
    “Inspiring. I’m bringing back a ton of ‘to-do’s’.”
    Monica Williams |
  • Gary Roth | United Capital
    “Collaborative, collegial and engaged.”
    Gary Roth | United Capital
  • Mike Suriano | Bar-S Foods
    “Excellent forum for information about a wide-ranging variety of topics relevant to all CFOs and a superb networking opportunity.”
    Mike Suriano | Bar-S Foods
  • Marc Washington | Roll Global
    “This was a well-organized event with solid content and provided great opportunities to engage with and learn from impressive colleagues.”
    Marc Washington | Roll Global
  • Corrina Sinatro | AMD
    “Appreciated the informal exchange of information and dialogue quality of members and learning.”
    Corrina Sinatro | AMD
  • Michelle Appelqvist | SanDisk
    “Format allowed the group to move the discussion. Topics to best suit their interests and expectations.”
    Michelle Appelqvist | SanDisk
  • Brian Monks | UL LCC
    “Liked the format. Conversation and not Powerpoint. People were engaged and productive.”
    Brian Monks | UL LCC
  • Angie Frye | Verizon
    “I liked the variety of in-house counsel who attended. There was a great mix of large, medium, and small companies.”
    Angie Frye | Verizon
  • David Hitchens | JLL
    “Hearing directly from in-house colleagues was great!”
    David Hitchens | JLL
  • Nasym Afsari | Montrose Environmental Group, Inc.
    “Collaborative environment with great information sharing by a variety of GCs from different industries, backgrounds and companies.”
    Nasym Afsari | Montrose Environmental Group, Inc.
  • Jim Ballard | Landcare
    “The forum is a fantastic and fun way to network and keep current on relevant topics in the GC arena.”
    Jim Ballard | Landcare
  • Debbie Swartz | Access Group
    “A top-notch networking conference for busy general counsels to share best practices.”
    Debbie Swartz | Access Group
  • Sean Gaffney | Encompass Home Health & Hospice
    “Very solid content and discussion; excellent panelists and networking.”
    Sean Gaffney | Encompass Home Health & Hospice
  • Anna Alvarado | First Cash Financial Services
    “Best practical forum for a GC. Make time for it; you won’t regret it!”
    Anna Alvarado | First Cash Financial Services
  • Jim Edwards | Cubic Corporation
    “It is a focused approach to current issues I deal with at my company.”
    Jim Edwards | Cubic Corporation
  • Cindy Becker | Concerto Healthcare, Inc.
    “Highly recommend this forum to others. Unique delivery—preferable to traditional CLE conferences. Very helpful staff!”
    Cindy Becker | Concerto Healthcare, Inc.
  • Allyn McGinley | Morpho Detection
    “Very collaborative and focused on current topics of interest.”
    Allyn McGinley | Morpho Detection
  • Rick Heller | Legal Sea Foods, LLC
    “Outstanding and informative, especially learning from networking.”
    Rick Heller | Legal Sea Foods, LLC
  • Daan van der Mijden | Samsung
    “In one word, Inspirational! It was excellent, delivering up to promise. High-level execs, discussions, and no Powerpoints!”
    Daan van der Mijden | Samsung
  • Greg Dunn | Royal Bank of Scotland, RBS
    “Really good group of intelligent people with diverse expertise and experience.”
    Greg Dunn | Royal Bank of Scotland, RBS
  • Michael Brandt | ABB Group
    “Excellent organization, good quality discussion, time well spent.”
    Michael Brandt | ABB Group
  • Marianna Knoll | Swiss International Airlines
    “Intellectual Platform for CX professionals at an Inspiring location.”
    Marianna Knoll | Swiss International Airlines
  • Diane Biesecker | Ntelos Wireless
    “The variety of experiences and examples was invaluable and will allow me to take actionable ideas back to my company.”
    Diane Biesecker | Ntelos Wireless
  • Alix Rizzolo | Stryker
    “Intense and usable peer discussions and relationships.”
    Alix Rizzolo | Stryker
  • Bob Valliere | CSAA Insurance Group
    “It was a terrific combination of meaningful content, networking opportunities and exposure to vendor solutions. Very well run!”
    Bob Valliere | CSAA Insurance Group
  • Darin Phillips | Bayview
    “A collection of great minds sharing great ideas for the greater good of our industry.”
    Darin Phillips | Bayview
  • Brittany Loui | Sling TV
    “The Forum is professionally done – more intimate, allowing for better connections, networking and idea sharing.”
    Brittany Loui | Sling TV
  • Kaye Carter | Associated Bank
    “I enjoyed the form of panel discussions, Q+A, and KnowledgeBridge sessions. One-on-ones were good for learning about vendors. I also liked the small number of participants.”
    Kaye Carter | Associated Bank
  • Guillermo Ayón | Sigue Corp
    “Enlightening, interesting, useful; plenty of learning and networking opportunities.”
    Guillermo Ayón | Sigue Corp
  • Paul Aldridge | Virgin Media
    “A great group of industry experts willing to share their experiences and insights, knowing that we all have shared goals.”
    Paul Aldridge | Virgin Media
  • Samantha Marks | Swimsuitsforall
    “Very intuitive and engaging experience.”
    Samantha Marks | Swimsuitsforall
  • Peg Raposo | PayPal
    “Excellent opportunity to network and learn.”
    Peg Raposo | PayPal
  • Marcia Jones
    “The forum was informative, an eye-opener to the needs I have, and a mechanism to connect with vendors outside of my reach.”
    Marcia Jones
    Clayton State University
  • William Bagley
    “The Consero event was a huge networking opportunity with peers in the function to discuss similar issues and challenges. It gave capability to have discussions about solutions, without a hard sell. The solution providers linked with my needs – so the concept sold itself.”
    William Bagley
  • Matt Markel
    The opportunity I was looking for–to have a deep, direct, and actionable conversation with true subject-matter experts.
    Matt Markel
    WestRock Company
  • Greg Brinkman
    "Well run, well planned, and beneficial to the participants."
    Greg Brinkman
    Badcock Corp.
  • Associate, Program Development
    “There are a number of skills you hear about that are supposed to help you make it in the corporate world. Consero is teaching me all of them.”
    Associate, Program Development
  • Manager, Strategic Partnerships
    “Young companies don't always have an open-floor or open-door policies, but Consero’s management is both pleasant and approachable. They don’t treat us like kindergartners. No one is recording when I come to work or when I leave because there is a high level of personable accountability, and hitting my target is far more important than working within a strict 9-5 timeframe.”
    Manager, Strategic Partnerships
  • Associate, Strategic Partnerships
    “One of my favorite parts about working at Consero is the fact that everyone is on an equal playing field. Whether you're a new hire or the CEO you have just as much of an opportunity to make an impact. This paired with the great friendships I've developed since I started at Consero makes me truly excited to come to work every day.”
    Associate, Strategic Partnerships
  • Manager, Client Success
    “I love the energy of our team and the positivity that radiates even if we are stressed or coming up on deadlines. We are all working together towards the common goal of putting on a successful forum. It makes it so easy to come to work and achieve daily goals when you know you have an entire office behind you. I also love that there is a genuine interest and excitement about each event, no matter our roles or direct involvement. It is truly a team effort here.”
    Manager, Client Success
  • Manager, Operations
    "I love a lot of things about Consero, but my favorite part of working here is that my coworkers have become my second family. We are a tight-knit group and I feel very fortunate to say that I enjoy the time I spend with my coworkers, both in and outside of the office."
    Manager, Operations
  • Manager, Operations
    "Every day at Consero is a new adventure! I've never worked with such a positive, encouraging, and appreciative team before."
    Manager, Operations
  • Manager, Program Development
    "I love the people, obviously. More than anything else, I appreciate that I can come to work and be exactly who I am and not be encouraged to put a professional mask on. As long as I keep focused, do my work, and stay productive, I'm set."
    Manager, Program Development
  • Manager, Graphic Design
    “What I like the most about Consero is the constant encouragement I receive from Consericans. Our hard work in this office never goes unnoticed!”
    Manager, Graphic Design