Coaching Across The Organization

August 5, 2020
Legal Operations Virtual KnowledgeBridge™
August 18, 2020

September 24, 2020 | 9:00 am–4:00 pm

A Day Of Inclusive Learning To Align Leadership, Middle Management & Employees

What is Inclusive Learning? And how will it benefit your organization?

Inclusive learning recognizes the value of providing all employees with access to a continuous learning experience that respects diversity and removes barriers to participation. Organizations reap the rewards by making learning and training that is typically reserved for a subset of the employees available to the full enterprise and instilling a culture of coaching.

What's Included:

  • Fixed-price training for the organization with unlimited workshop access
  • Activities that deliver self-awareness and accountability, with session-specific workbooks
  • Customized training for upper management, middle management, HR execs, and front-line staff
  • Unlimited 90-day access to all session recordings
  • Unlimited 90-day access to CoachApply, a coaching-support service by Progress Coaching

Discussion Topics:

  • Why We Need Upper Management To Coach
  • Management: How To Coach In The New Normal
  • Employees: We Need You: A Time To Reflect & Own Change
  • All Levels: We All Coach: 7 Coaching Strategies Everyone Can Use To Motivate & Inspire
  • What L & D Teams Can Do To Improve The Coaching In Your Organization?

Key Benefits

  • Effective & Efficient
    60-minute training workshops

  • Simple Technology
    Designed for remote access

  • One Fixed Price
    For the entire organization (versus seat-based pricing)

  • Post-Workshop Reinforcement
    Modules with trainer support and service


  • Billy Friess
    "We have been working with Progress Coaching for the past 15 years and have been absolutely thrilled with the relationship. Since the implementation of the Progress Coaching Training System, we have experienced incredible growth and talent development as well as retention. Tim is the foremost expert in workplace coaching. His teachings have catapulted us to being in the top 8 in attendance and top 3 in fan index. Without coaching we would not have achieved those results."
    Billy Friess
    Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Team
  • Phil Ziegler
    "When my brother bought Inpro in 1993 we were the doormat of the industry. Several years later we took the major step of hiring Tim as our coach. He brought us to an entirely new level and, in 2018, we completed our 25th consecutive year of growth. Tim was our coach for over a decade and, is so good at what he does, we realized the importance of ongoing, daily coaching so we now have our coach on staff. Tim personally trained our coach leaving him more time to develop other company’s leadership teams.”
    Phil Ziegler
    Inpro Corporation
  • Barry Rogers
    "Tim is an incredibly talented and natural coach. In terms of pedigree Tim is a successful businessperson who also happens to be a great coach. The Progress Coaching system is easily implemented and is now just a part of our leaders’ day to day role. I am grateful to work with Tim as a part of my leadership development career and highly recommend his services to anyone who is looking to transform their leader’s ability to coach."
    Barry Rogers
Progress Coaching

We help managers become coaches.

We help organizations develop coaching infrastructures that drive talent development, retention, and the ability to recruit. We have been teaching coaching for 20+ years and deliver a very innovative approach to teaching managers how to coach their employees. Our premise is simple – If managers do not coach their employees or support training, employee development will not improve as much as it could. Our flagship program is progress coaching where we teach managers 14 different ways to coach, how to have a coaching conversation in less than 8 to 12 minutes that is effective and successful, and a whole battery of questions that facilitate employee development.


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