Effective Strategies When Collaborating With Outside Counsel

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July 13, 2015
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July 15, 2015

Effective Strategies When Collaborating With Outside Counsel

1. Set Early Expectations

When starting a new outside counsel partnership, ask for their strategy upfront. This will help create transparency and set the expectation for an open line of communication from the get go. If you are not comfortable with their strategy, provide feedback and ask them to reevaluate their plan.

2. Think as a Judge

Work with your outside counsel to develop clear visual complements to your briefs when preparing for a trial, as judges often think visually. Also consider using retired judges to review your case in advance. They can provide important feedback.

3. Stay On The Same Page

Take a strong role in working with your outside counsel. Develop protocols on how to manage cases to make sure you and your outside counsel are on the same page. Day-to-day management is crucial for very important cases. Be sure to review all pertinent documents to help reduce costs.