Discovering And Developing In-House Procurement Talent

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June 4, 2015
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June 5, 2015

Discovering And Developing In-House Procurement Talent

1. Focus On Flexibility

Harness the power of your millennials: Listen to them, keep an open mind, give them a comfortable workspace, and allow them the freedom to innovate and pose ideas. If you show millennials that your company is flexible and open to change, you will be more likely to retain your top talent in this group and see them thrive.

2. Incorporate Transformational Leaders Into Your Team

Support people in your procurement organization who can drive innovation and transform the old ways you have done business. Someone with an out-of-the-ordinary background can bring a lot to your team—creativity, adaptability to new processes, and the boldness to advocate for new processes or technologies that may challenge the status quo in positive ways.

3. Communicate Frequently And Be Transparent

Always be completely open and transparent with regard to your employees’ expectations and performance. Successfully managing your talent is a two-way street, and the performance of your employees is dependent on your ability to make them feel supported—even if something comes up that is out of their control.

4. Hire With An Open Mind

Take chances on the risk takers and those who may not necessarily fit the criteria of a “typical” applicant. Find people with a more interdisciplinary background and who have the ability to move from one department to the next. This will help keep your department nimble and able to respond to change in the industry.