December 2016 Contact Center Report

The contact center industry is facing more pressure to perform in a consistent and cost-effective manner than ever before. Customers seek short wait times and first contact resolutions when reaching out to their favorite brands, and companies that fall short in meeting those expectations can lose business. To ensure customer retention and improve customer experience, contact center executives must continue to focus on seamless channel integration, consistent agent training, and proper technology implementation. In doing so, these business leaders will be in the best position to retain customers and thereby deliver revenue for the business. Consero’s December 2016 Contact Center Report was developed in connection with the October 2016 Contact Center Forum—an invitation-only Forum for contact center leaders. The survey questionnaire was designed to gain insight into the strategy and operations of Fortune 1000 contact centers and understand what priorities and challenges lie ahead in 2017. The report reflect the inclusion of 50 responses.