Corporate Counsel: Internal Investigations Becoming a Way of Life for In-House Counsel

Originally Published in Corporate Counsel | August 3, 2017 | By Sue Reisinger

Some 86 percent of chief litigation officers in a recent survey said their companies conducted an internal investigation in 2016. Sound like a lot? Not to Eric Schwimmer, chief litigation officer at Prudential Financial Inc.. “I was surprised that it wasn’t 100 percent,” Schwimmer said.
The Consero Group’s “Financial Services & Insurance Litigation Report” is based on a survey of 56 litigation executives from those two industries who attended a recent Consero forum, in partnership with Goodwin Procter.

The periodic survey may have a limited number of respondents, but it often pinpoints industry legal trends—in this case, how much internal investigations have become a part of in-house counsel life.

Last year’s edition of the survey found chief litigation officers felt seriously challenged and underfunded.

Schwimmer said he could understand why a small number of litigation chiefs this year might have said there were no internal investigations, because in some companies the head of litigation does not deal with internal investigations.

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