2016 Corporate Compliance and Ethics Report

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April 12, 2016
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April 25, 2016

2016 Corporate Compliance and Ethics Report

Regulatory demands—both globally and in the U.S.— drove the initial need for the Chief Compliance Officer in the corporate realm. The function has further evolved over the years from focusing on acting in accordance with regulations to creating and sustaining a culture of compliance and ethics from the shop floor to the C-suite. The corporate compliance and ethics function today has a seat in the boardroom, working across functions to minimize bribery and corruption, increase data privacy and security measures, and drive employee compliance training, among other responsibilities. This survey was designed to gauge the main opportunities and challenges on the plate of the CCO today.

Report Methodology

Consero’s 2016 Corporate Compliance and Ethics Data Survey was created in conjunction with our biannual Corporate Compliance and Ethics Forum. The event took place in March 2016 and was invitation-only for Chief Compliance and Ethics Officers from Fortune 1000 companies. The survey comprised 15 questions that were posed to the 51 respondents.

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