January 2015 Contact Center Report

January 2015 Consero Corporate Compliance & Ethics Report
January 15, 2015
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January 26, 2015

January 2015 Contact Center Report

The Contact Center function is more important than ever to a company’s customer experience strategy. Whether through phone, email, or digital channels, call center representatives must be prepared adequately to deliver positive and consistent customer service in a market filled with sophisticated consumers. Heads of Contact Center are charged with ensuring that their agents are properly trained, while also making sure that all of the channels in which they operate are well integrated. With the proper resources at their disposal, this group of executives will be poised to handle many challenges and opportunities, and deliver uniformly great customer service, in the year ahead.

Survey Structure And Methodology

This survey was developed in connection with Consero’s 2014 Contact Center Forum, an invitation-only event hosted in December 2014. The survey below contains fifteen questions designed to highlight the areas of focus Heads of Contact Center face today. While the survey was limited to 39 participants, the answers provide valuable insight into the perspectives of these senior executives.

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