Consero Survey Reveals 67 Percent of Customer Experience Officers Say Organizations Are Unprepared for Social Media Risks

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Consero Survey Reveals 67 Percent of Customer Experience Officers Say Organizations Are Unprepared for Social Media Risks

BETHESDA, Md- (May 13, 2013) – Two thirds of companies are unprepared for social media’s risks to their customer service experience, according to a new survey by Consero Group, an international leader in creating high-level, invitation-only events for senior executives. The results were reported as part of Consero’s 2013 Chief Customer Experience Officer Data Survey.

Sixty-seven percent of the surveyed Chief Customer Experience Officers said that they do not feel that their departments are prepared to handle the risks presented by social media. In addition, 50 percent of respondents said that their work has become more difficult with the evolution of social media.

“Perhaps the biggest challenge facing Chief Customer Experience Officers is the task of navigating social media,” said Paul Mandell, Founder & CEO of Consero. “As social media continually accelerates the speed at which consumers can publish their evaluations of a company’s products and services, the duties of the Chief Customer Experience Officer have become increasingly complex.”

The surveyed Chief Customer Experience Officers also provided a surprising view of the value of social media to the customer service experience. A majority (62%) of respondents said that they believe traditional media will have a greater impact than social media on the satisfaction of their customers in 2013.

“This finding indicates that new methods of consumer outreach have altered but not supplanted the old methods,” said Mandell. “Customer Experience Officers must balance the adoption of avant-garde media with loyalty to more tried-and-true consumer outreach methods.”

Other findings included that businesses tend to expect executives to do more with less, with the vast majority (71%) reporting their department budgets experienced a decrease, had no change or increased by less than five percent. While 95 percent of Customer Experience Executives said they had a sufficient level of access to their CEOs, nearly one third (32%) said they did not have sufficient access to their Board of Directors. Chief Customer Experience Officers are generally well paid, with 61 percent of respondents reporting a salary of over $200,000 and nearly a quarter of participants’ reporting salaries higher than $270,000.

The 2013 Consero Customer Experience Survey comprised questions that were posed to all Fortune 1000 Customer Experience Executives who were in attendance at an invitation-only event hosted by Consero in March 2013. A total of 40 responses were provided.

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