Communicate Customer-Centric Values In Your Company

Tips For Structuring Your Customer Experience “Dream Team”
June 5, 2015
Improve Your Customer’s Experience (And Relationship) With Your Company
June 5, 2015

Communicate Customer-Centric Values In Your Company

1. Make The Brand Promise Come Alive

Establish company-wide shared commitments and memorable, strategic, and customer-centric priorities within your teams. Develop a service philosophy for your company, specifically focused on holding all team members accountable to becoming customer advocates.

2. Train Your Team

Remind your employees that quality is also part of their job. Develop and train the front-line team and leaders on key drivers of the customer experience, including customer expectations and hallmarks of world-class service. Educate your team on what customer loyalty means, how to measure it, and what can be done internally to increase it.

3. Coach Your Coaches

Develop an effective behavior-based coaching program that all team leaders attend to learn skills for effective coaching. Hold monthly customer experience meetings with senior leaders to review key metrics and discuss business developments that may impact your company.

4. Give A Shout-Out

Recognize and reward your employees for stellar customer experiences. Reinforce incentives from the top down for a successful organizational alignment of customer experience goals.