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June 4, 2015

Three Tips To Sharpen Your Procurement Strategy

1. Engage Early and Often Communication is key to maintain long-standing, successful business relationships. Engage early and often with your fellow C-suite members to ensure that the […]
June 4, 2015

Developing Strategic Relationships With Your Suppliers

1. Leverage Communication With Customers Make it a point to bring both suppliers and customers into discussions around process improvement and problem solving. The relationship between CPOs […]
June 4, 2015

Discovering And Developing In-House Procurement Talent

1. Focus On Flexibility Harness the power of your millennials: Listen to them, keep an open mind, give them a comfortable workspace, and allow them the freedom […]
June 5, 2015

Identifying And Extinguishing Risk In The Short And Long Term

1. Use Case Studies To Your Advantage CPOs are just starting to understand fully the importance big data has on the procurement industry. Use case studies as effective […]