Business & Legal Resources: 72% of HR executives not satisfied with insight from company data, says survey

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December 17, 2015
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December 31, 2015

Business & Legal Resources: 72% of HR executives not satisfied with insight from company data, says survey

Originally Published in Business & Legal Resources | December 23, 2015

Nearly three-quarters (72%) of chief HR officers (CHROs) say they are not satisfied with the level of insight they extract from their company data, according to a new survey byConsero Group, an international leader in creating high-level, invitation-only events for senior executives. The results were reported as part of Consero Group’s 2015 Chief HR Officer Survey.

In addition, only 34% of CHROs reported that their current HR Information Systems (HRIS) meet the needs of their HR operations. Furthermore, 81% of HR executives surveyed considered the procurement of new technology by their department to be at least a medium priority, while 48% considered it a high priority.

“Using the right technology to derive actionable insight from company data allow chief HR officers to set their organizations apart and find the right talent to help drive the growth of their companies,” said Paul Mandell, founder & CEO of Consero. “Finding a suitable HR Information System and focusing on extracting insights from company data will be critical issues for these executives moving into 2016.”

Additional findings include:

  • Few healthcare savings from corporate wellness programs: Only 30% of CHROs reported that their corporate wellness program achieved a significant reduction in healthcare costs.
  • One-third of companies offer paternity leave: 34% of executives surveyed said their organization offers paid paternity leave.
  • Talent development and retention are top priorities: 20% of CHROs considered company-wide talent development and retention to be a top priority for the next 12 months. A quarter of CHROs identified a lack of qualified talent to meet company hiring needs as their department’s biggest impediment.

This survey was conducted in connection with Consero’s annual Chief HR Officer Forum, an invitation-only event for leaders of HR departments from Fortune 1000 companies. The questions included thoughts on the top priorities for HR departments, the role of technology, the involvement of CHROs in other business functions, and the extent of fringe benefits. While this survey was limited to 47 individuals, the results yielded useful information that will help HR officers tackle core issues over the year.

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