August 2017 Talent Acquisition & Management Report

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Talent management executives are tasked with finding, recruiting, and retaining the best available talent for their organization. Successful talent acquisition is a multi-step process requiring development of a competitive company rewards package, an attentive assessment of talent, and careful onboarding of new employees. Once candidates become employees, talent management executives are then charged with successful retention of those employees, which requires a focus on a variety of efforts from workforce engagement, to learning and leadership development, to performance management. The talent department must also focus on upward movement of talent to ensure effective succession planning. To accomplish all of these tasks successfully, talent executives must make certain that their departments have the right people, metrics, and technology in place.

Survey Methodology

Consero’s Summer 2017 Talent Management & Acquisition Report, developed in partnership with DeGarmo, was created in connection with its May 2017 Talent Acquisition & Management Forum. The event counted on the participation of heads of talent acquisition and management from companies with 1,000+ employees. Consero conducted a 14-question survey at the forum, collecting 50 responses that provide a window into the priorities and challenges facing the corporate talent industry today.