2017 Financial Services & Insurance Litigation Report

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Changes in political administration creates regulatory uncertainty as the new administration moves to implement its own agenda and policy. This uncertainty places increased pressure on chief litigation officers of highly-regulated industries. Accordingly, with the transition to the new Trump administration, litigation executives within the financial services and insurance industries identify the changing regulatory landscape as a critical issue for their companies. In addition to managing this new landscape, these litigation executives are also responsible for dealing with data privacy and cybersecurity matters, managing internal investigations, and continuing to oversee the caseloads for their companies. Therefore, chief litigation officers in the financial services and insurance spaces need to manage a long list of priorities and challenges, while also communicating the strategic impact the litigation department has on their respective organizations.


Survey Structure & Methodology

The 2017 Financial Services & Insurance Litigation Report provides a window into the top-of-mind issues facing litigation executives operating in two highly-regulated industries. Of the 56 survey respondents, 55% represented the financial services industry, 26% the insurance space, and 19% self-identified as operating in both financial services and insurance. The 15-question survey and below analysis was developed by Consero Group, in partnership with Goodwin.


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